Posted on June 8, 2010


Does the newly popular trend of multiple covers on the current issue of your magazine work? Do readers get a stronger sense of satisfaction after choosing the cover of their choice? And are there in fact folks who do collect ’em all? Fader magazine has recently unveiled the four available covers for their forthcoming summer issue. While all the covers look great you wouldn’t exactly rush out and buy four issues of the magazine just to own the set. And no one cover jumping off the shelf and grabbing you by the eyeballs screaming “Buy me!”, it really begs the question: why make them?

NME ran a similar campaign with 10 covers adorning the launch issue of their re-designed magazine. Again a similar scenario of each cover looking great and being in itself well designed (even if some were a tad dull) but did the reader really care if they were spotted reading the Florence Welch cover instead of the Foals cover?

Empire magazine is quite fond of the multicover and i-D released three alternative covers for their summer issue. With many declaring from the rooftops that print is dead, it seems that the resources and energy that go into these essentially gimmicky marketing schemes would be better served creating better magazine content and pushing cover designs that take chances and push conventional design principles.